• TQGold

    Relieves oxidative stress

  • HSGold

    Slows down aging process

  • RBGold

    Super nutrient and antioxidant

  • RiBO

    Lowering cholesterol in the human body


Welcome to Nutracreme.my

Nutracreme Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 2011 focusing on nutraceutical and functional food related products.

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Nutracreme Sdn Bhd

Manufacturer of nutraceutical and functional food related products

Nutracreme is driven by a group of expert in advance extraction that works closely with the technology provider.  Nutracreme’s vision is to establish itself regionally by being a platform technology provider in natural extract and also a market leader in premium rich fraction oil.

Most extraction throughout the world uses chemical food grade solvents or processed mechanically.  We at Nutracreme use the latest technology to provide natural extracts with zero contaminant and solvent-free. Our extraction method is by using an eco-friendly Supercritical Fluid Extraction ( SFE ) system.

Our TQGOLD & HSGOLD Habbatus Sauda Premium Oil contains up to 10x time more antioxidants and nutritions compared to conventional extracts such as from cold press system.

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Why Us ?

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  • Our TQGOLD & HSGOLD Habbatus Sauda Oils are:

    ü 100% Pure Premium Rich Fraction Extracts.

    ü Uses the latest advance extraction technology ( SFE system ).

    ü Contains up to 10x more antioxidants and bio-active compounds.

    ü Worldwide Patent and Global Recognition

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